2W Custom Equine Rate Schedule

Domestic Transport (Canada to Canada)

Booking fee $100.00

Single Horse, Box Stall $.60 CDN per loaded KM
Truck and Trailer $1.75 CDN per loaded KM

International Transport (CAN to USA/USA to CAN)

Booking Fee $75 U.S.

Single Horse, Box Stall $1.10 US per loaded MILE
Truck and Trailer $3.00 US per loaded MILE


**Please call 204-512-1199 or email will@2wce.ca for quotes on bookings of multiple horses or weanlings  (Standing stalls only available to multi horse bookings)
**Please inquire for quotes on distances under 500 Km
**$100 Base Rate per horse for horses in or out of B.C.
** Layovers included in rate.
** GST not included in rate.