2W Custom Equine Rate Schedule

Effective April 8, 2019 our rates have increased in order to continue to provide the quality of service our customers have come to know and appreciate. Our rates are not based off an industry average; rather reflect the quality of customized service we offer. Our rates are non-negotiable, and are subject to change (with notice) to reflect changing economic trends.

“Quality is like buying oats. In order to receive good, clean oats you must pay a fair price. You can buy them cheaper, as long as you don’t mind something which has already been through the horse.”

Domestic Transport (Canada to Canada)

Box Stall $1.00 CDN per loaded KM
Half Box $.80 CDN per loaded KM
Charter $2.50 CDN per loaded KM


International Transport (CAN to USA)

Box Stall $1.40 US per loaded MILE
Half Box $1.15 US per loaded MILE
Charter $3.45 US per loaded MILE


USA to Canada

Email or here is the link to FaceBook Page.


**GST is included**

**Please inquire for quotes on distances under 500 Km
**Additional charges of brokerage and border fees of $250 USD applied to USA bound horses
**Additional charge of $200 CDN applied to Canadian bound horses
**$100 Base Rate per horse for horses in or out of B.C.
** Layovers included in rate.