What Paperwork do you Require?

Horses traveling within Canada we (and layovers) require proof of vaccination (flu, rhino, strangles) OR current regional vet check, current Coggins, and completed Transport Agreement.

Horses being shipped Internationally require valid, within 30 days, "Blue Ink" original permanent export papers (with both buyers name and address and the sellers name and address), and valid within 6 months Coggins test signed and stamped by a federal vet. Brokerage paperwork must be completed and forwarded and Transport Agreement must be completed and returned. Failure to provide proof of these documents prior to loading, at a minimum, will result in a forfeit of deposit.

*All loads are considered "Clean Loads" unless noted prior to loading*

How far do you drive in a day/Do you have to stop at scales?

Hours of Service dictates 11hr driving/13hr on duty with a 10hr reset between shifts in the USA, and 13hr driving/14hr on duty with a 10hr reset in Canada.  It is advantageous to maximize this window, and such 600-720 miles (1000-1200 KMS) is targeted, due to road conditions, speed limits, pickup/deliveries, and strategic layovers, sometimes this number is less or more.  Most days average 12 hours total.

All commercial carriers are required to have identification in the form of decals, paint, or magnets, and must stop at all open scales. This is part of the reason that paperwork is required.

How often do you stop?

Load checks are preformed constantly via CCTV video monitoring, physically every 2 hours and feed and water are offered at 3-4 hour intervals during a minimum 1/2 hour rest period.

How often are horses unloaded?

Every trip is completely customized to our clients desire, we strive to provide solutions which work best for the horses, owners, and our logistics.  Shipping in box stalls allows more flexibility, and options to ensure health, safety, and efficiency.  Some situations do require layovers, typically when horses are shipped in standing stalls, which is where we rely on our extensive network of layover facilities to provide safe and secure box stalls.

Are horses tied?

Standard guidelines indicate that horses are not to be tied in transit. We also do not tie any horses at any time during shipping.

Can I send tack?

Tack is charged at $25 per saddle or tote unless negotiated prior to booking.

Do you take deposits?

Yes. A 50% deposit is mandatory, and held to reserve the stall. The stall is not considered booked until a deposit has been held. This is to prevent needless cancellations, and to know how many horses can be further booked.

How do I book?

Request/download a transportation agreement, complete and return, send a 50% deposit.

What forms of payment do you accept?

USA Clients:
For deposits we accept Wells Fargo transfer, and PayPal. The balance is to be paid cash on delivery.

Canadian Clients: e-transfer or PayPal for deposit, certified cheque, cash, or e-transfer for the balance on delivery. Alternatively Canadian clients may opt to pre-pay with certified cheque, cash or e-transfer.